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Crying is one of the most common causes of parent concern and is a common reason for seeking medical advice. Although all babies cry, it is uncertain how much crying is too much or too little. Surprisingly, we know relatively little about the range of normal infant crying behavior.

We need a more reliable way to record infants’ crying patterns. One of the limitations to date to progress in the field has been that studies have relied on pen-and-paper “crying diaries” filled out by parents. Parents of young babies are exhausted and this method of data collection is burdensome. It is also inherently subjective and potentially insensitive to subtle differences in crying duration and frequency. Electronic recordings of infant crying independent of parent-based measurement would provide more objective data and is potentially more accurate. This study can lead to larger trials to learn more about colicky babies (babies with very fussy crying patterns).

Overall, our goal is to understand the full range of infants’ crying patterns as well as how we can best help those babies who cry excessively.